The History of Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church

Due to the fact that there was not a church in the Depew/Lancaster area, the church started out as a Missionary Circle in 1921 with the help of the late Sis. Rosie Johnson and Sis. Jenkins. The Melvin Company let them use a house on Livingston Ave. in Lancaster, NY, where they met until 1927. The church met at different homes and held Prayer Meetings at the home of the late Bro. Horace McInnes on Sawyer Avenue in Lancaster, NY until the church was organized with the help of the late Deacon Charles Miner, who was the first Deacon of the church. The church name at that time was New Hope Baptist Church.In 1929, the late Rev. Joshua Hamilton was called as Pastor and served for one year. Under his leadership, the Mother’s Board was formed by the late Sis. Annie Miner, the first Mother of the Church.1930 the church moved to 27 Lavaret St., Depew, NY, where Rev. Eddie Wilkerson was called as Pastor. Under his leadership the first choir, now known as the Senior Choir (#1 Choir) was formed by the late Sis. Lillie Glover with the late Sis. Bell Harrison as the pianist. In 1932 the Sunday School was started with the late Deacon Charles Miner as Superintendent. In 1933, the BYPU was formed with the late Bro. Ivery Bush as President.1934 – Rev. Eddie Wilkerson resigned as Pastor and the church was without a Pastor until August, 1935 when Rev. A.A. Merriweather was called as Pastor. During his leadership the Missionary Society was reactivated by the late Mother Bell and Mother Miner. 1937, Deacon John Baker and Winona Baker joined the New Hope Baptist Church andwas added to the Deacon Board and the Mother Board and served until their deaths. 1939, the late Sis. Amanda Washington joined the church and was later added to the Mother Board and served until her death. 1940– The Senior Usher Board was organized.1941 – The church moved from Depew, NY to 468 Jefferson Ave. in Buffalo, NY. Since there was another church in the area named New Hope Baptist Church, with the suggestion of the late Deacon Charles Miner and the consent of the members, being lead by Acts 16:9 “Come
over into Macedonia and help us,” the church was named Macedonia Baptist Church.1943, the first Trustee Board was organized and 557 Jefferson Avenue was purchased. 1944, the late Deacons Asrie Paxton and Edgar Robinson were ordained as Deacons and served until their death.In 1945, Rev. T.J. Merriweather joined the Macedonia Baptist Church and was licensed to preach December 2, 1945. January 1949, Rev. Merriweather united with Shiloh Baptist Church and reunited with Macedonia in 1964.1949 Deacon Clarence Larry was ordained by Rev. Phillips and served until his death.1951 – The Youth Choir, now the Gospel Chorus was organized by the late Sis. Gertrude Merriweather with Sis. Willie Washington (Lott) pianist.1954 – The church mourned the death of Rev. A.A. Merriweather. 1956 – Rev. A. Stallworth was called as Pastor and served until his resignation in 1960. Under his leadership the late Bros. Aubrey Cummings, Metz Luchey and Harry Hayes were on trial as Deacons andthe Nurses Guild was organized. 1961 – Due to a fire at 557 Jefferson Ave., services were held at Emmanuel Temple on Adam and Peckham until 511 Michigan Avenue was purchased. 1962 – Rev. J. H. Sanders was called as Pastor, serving for two years. Under his leadership the late Deacon Aubrey Cummings was ordained as Deacon. October 1964, Rev. Thomas J. Merriweather was called as pastor. During his leadership the late Deacons Metz Luchey, Willie Coleman, David Calhoun, Herbert Howton, Lorenzo Coleman ( Theotis Thedford) were ordained as Deacons. The late Bro. Joseph Hayes was on trail as aDeacon and later ordained as a Minister.
February 1973 – Macedonia Baptist Church formerly the Michigan Avenue Baptist Church was recognized as a historical landmark. The church served as underground railway for slaves entering into Canada.March 31, 1974 – Macedonia made their grand entrance into 237 E. North St. Rev. E.J. Echols and congregation of the First Shiloh Baptist Church were guest.May 6, 1977 – Rev. T.J. Merriweather retired after 13 years of service and on May 6, 1989, the church mourned his death.October, 1977 – Rev. William Stoudiemier was called as pastor and resigned after two years of faithful service.May 4, 1980, Rev. Larry A. Boyd was called as Pastor and was installed Sunday, June 15, 1980. Under his leadership: the First Sunday Love Feast was organized by Sis. Elizabeth Boyd. January 23, 1983 – Macedonia held mortgage burning service.April 9, 1989 – Mothers added to the Mother Board – Sis. Brunette Washington, the late Doris Miner, Elzena Jacobs, Willie Copeland, Victoria Fletcher and Frances Jefferson.September 6, 1991 – Pastor Boyd resigned.June 1, 1992, Rev. Herman Alston, Jr. was called as Pastor and installed Sunday, July 12, 1992, by Rev. James L. Cherry, Sr., Pastor of the Aenon Baptist Church, Rochester, NY. Under the 24 year leadership of Pastor Alston: 1992 – Macedonia rejoined the Deacon’s Alliance of Western NY, became a member of the Great Lakes Baptist Association of Western, NY, Layman League organized and Youth Choir was reorganized.November, 1993 – Picture of Baptismal scene unveiled and dedicated.January, 1994 – Scout Troop #237 organized.May 22, 1994 – Ordination service for Deacon Candidates J. Billy Vinson, Sr., DeWayne Baker, Martin Slaughter and May (the late Frank)Belcher.
Soup Kitchen started in 1995.October, 1995 – Deacon DeWayne Baker appointed Director of Christian Education.July, 1996 – Christian Education Department sponsored Summer Vacation Program – Sis. Florine Baker, Director.March, 1998 – the first session of the T.J. Merriweather Leadership School was held offering ten courses taught by certified instructors.May 17, 1998 – Ordination Service for Deacon Candidates, the late Andrew Baker, Sr. and Israel Washington.July, 1998 – Summer Vacation Bible School reactivated, Deaconess Phyllis Slaughter, Director.April, 1999 Hospitality Committee organized.October, 2001 – Women’s Empowerment & Ministries organized by the late Deaconess Ruth Calhoun.December, 2001 – Ordination Service for Deacon Candidates Ivor Baker, Sr., Brian Coleman, Sr., Edward Gayles, II, Frank Robinson and the late Johnnie Marks.Food Pantry started with Deacon Martin Slaughter & Deaconess Phyllis Slaughter.2003 – Deaconess Charlesetta Coleman, Deaconess Esther Washington and the late Deaconess Ruth Calhoun added to the Mother Board.2003 – Deacon DeWayne Baker, Deacon Martin Slaughter and Deacon Billy Vinson pictures hung in the Board Room.2004 – Macedonia Academic Mastery Center, “Love Thy Neighbor as Thy Self Ministries after school tutoring program organized by Deaconess Phyllis Slaughter.2005 – Youth & Young Adult Choir reorganized as the United Voices.August, 2006 – Community Day Outreach Ministry incorporated with the Vacation Bible School Closing Program.March, April, and May 2008 – National Baptist Convention
Leadership School Courses taught on Sunday mornings by Pastor Alston, Deacon Edward Gayles and Deacon DeWayne Baker to help participants of the C.O.P.P.S. program from Macedonia and local churches complete the requirements for Phase I Certification.May, 2008 – Spring Revival reactivated with Dr. Harvey Kelly, guest evangelist, Pastor of the New Hope Baptist Church, Niagara Falls, NY.July, 2008 – Macedonia hosted the Annual Session of the Great Lakes Baptist Association.June 28, 2009 – Ordination Service for Deacon Candidates Milton Thomas and Willie Vinson 2010 – Praise dancers organized for youth and adults by Sis. Kathy Clay.2011 – Praise dancers added as a Ministry of the church.January, 2011 – Deacon & Deaconess candidates in training. Bro. DavidCalhoun, Jr., Sis. Regina Calhoun, Bro. Raymond Anderson, Sis. Realure Anderson, Bro. Anthony Wiley, Sr. and Sis. Renee Wiley, December, 2011 – Minister Alvin Clay appointed Associate Minister January 2012 – Media Ministry organized with Sis. Ava Smith, Lead Person.April 28, 2012 – Troop 237 celebrated first Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Bro. Brice Beathley.May 1, 2012 – Handicap stair lift installed.May 6, 2012 – Ordination Service for Deacons David Calhoun, Jr., Raymond Anderson, & Anthony Wiley, Sr.Joint fellowship with the African Nation Church, Rev. Jaen Luc Ngoma,Pastor. Sermon preached in English with French translation.Candy Stripers Ministry reactivated.September 2012 – Noon Bible Study reactivated, Teacher, Deaconess Joni Vinson
October 7, 2012 – Deaconess Cheryl Coleman preached her initial sermon and licensed. She is the first female in Ministry at the Macedonia Baptist Church.January 2013 – Minister Carolyn Peeler and Minister John Peeler added to the Ministerial staff.2014 January – Deacon Donald Simmons & Deacon Thomas Patton added to the Deaconate Board. January – Trustees added to the Trustee Board: Sis. Mary Anderson, Sis. Lynnette Coleman, and Bro. Willie Coleman. June 25 – Sis. Victoria Burton preached her initial sermon and was licensed into the ministry.2015 January – Mothers added to the Mother’s Board: Sis. Ora Green, Deaconess Jean Simmons, Deaconess Phyllis Slaughter and Deaconess Joni Vinson. January – Trustees added to the Trustee Board: Bro. Brian Harper,and Bro. Darren Harper.2016 July 5 – August 12 – Macedonia hosted the Say Yes to Education Summer Program, Deaconess Phyllis Slaughter Coordinator. August 10 – Macedonia Sunday School Teachers with 25 or more years of teaching God’s Word (Deacon DeWayne Baker, Mother Charlesetta Coleman, Deaconess Phyllis Slaughter, Deaconess Joni Vinson, Deaconess Esther Washington, Mother Brunette Washington, and Deacon Israel Washington) were recognized at the Ruth V. Banks Memorial Scholarship Banquet hosted by the Empire Baptist Missionary Convention held in Buffalo.Trustees appointed – Tommie Patterson and Ricardo Wright
2017 July 24 – July 28 – Pastor Alston was the Host Pastor for the National United Church Ushers Association of America. Trustees appointed – Bro. Rickey Smith, Sr. December 31st, Pastor Alston resigned.We are continually striving to “Make God Look Good” To God Be the Glory!

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