Arms Outstretched

Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee (Exodus 20:12).



Our mission is focused on the lives of all people, whether they are seniors, middle age, youth and children. We dedicate ourselves to them, to make a positive difference in their lives, by assisting and providing adequate resources. We will strive to achieve the highest potential level possible.

We will use the Holy Scriptures as a positive tool, to successfully maintain a high standard, in our activites.

Our mission purpose will provide support, and respect through spiritual empowerment. We will direct the ministry to encourage individuals, to be strengthened, by using biblical strategies as the standard rules.

Our Goals

To educate individuals to communities, activities, church programs, and other areas, in the church body, and the community, in which they reside. We will fellowship with God, through daily prayer, and study of God's Word, and walk after Christ ordinances, in dealing with others. We will continue to provide opportunities for the individuals to participate in, and to direct our activities to meet their needs, and interests. We will provide activiites to ensure success, and different methods, in order to achieve their objectives. We have based our Senior Ministry Activites on John 14:17, "If you ask anything in my name, I will do it". Most of all, we will depend on, and listen to the Holy Spirit for God's purpose in our lives.


Cheryl Alston (Women Empowerment Overseer)

Esther Washington (Chairperson)

Willie Lott (Asst. Chairperson)

Virginia Coleman (Assistant Chairperson)

Janet Meadows (Assistant Chairperson)

Phyllis Hayes (Assistant Chairperson)



Esther Washington
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